Nataly Nisimov

ECE Educator

Nataly Nisimov is a distinguished ECE educator with over 20 years of experience in three different countries. She is well respected and appreciated for her dedication and superb skills in the field. The goal of Bright Beginning Daycare is to provide a warm and pleasant environment where children can grow and mature on all levels – emotional, physical, and cognitive. The daycare is intended to integrate a wide range of activities and studies including Jewish Holidays, Math, Science and more, ensuring a high standard of education for the children. These activities will enrich your child’s mind in a positive and healthy way and help reach their highest potential. Bright Beginning Daycare is intended to be a small sized daycare which enables to provide your child with the most love and attention possible.

The first years of a child’s life are a critical period in early childhood development, in which important skills need to be introduced, developed and practiced. Bright Beginning Daycare is a place designed to feel like home, where children can feel comfortable, learn, laugh, grow and develop. The skilled and professional staff will attend to each child on an individual basis as well as assist with adjustment to the group. Your child will be provided with opportunities to develop self-confidence, self-awareness, and an awareness of others in a nurturing, caring and stimulating atmosphere of support and respect. It is a balanced approach to learning resulting in a great deal of fun.

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